Be Careful !

 Platinum Egg Inc. is a company facing a liability of 120 million Japanese Yen.  In the past 18 months, the company was appealed by its creditor for two times due to default of debt (60+ million Japanese Yen).  

 During the first pre-sale of Crypto Derby, troubles and issues related to display occurred several times due to bugs.
 The representatives are now in New York to draw attention of investors. However, this is not a profitable project.

 The company has been in arrears with Social Insurance premium for more than 6 months which shows the faultiness of the management. It will be a fraud if they gather fund for the company/project development. I could disclose the information of  this company with us anytime.

 Besides, Takemura - CEO of Platinum Inc., indicated his terminal education at Graduate School of Tokyo University after graduation from Tokyo University of Science but the fact is he dropped out a year after entry.

 Please don’t get along with him in business. We are now suffering from troubles because of him.

Result of first pre-sale